WFS Service for Mean Velocity Displacement Map of the Milano urban area

  • Title: WFS Service for Mean Velocity Displacement Map of the Milano urban area
  • Abstract:

    WFS Service for the Milano Urban Area

  • Publication Date: Sept. 26, 2019, midnight
  • Type: Vector Data
  • Keywords: Geographical grid systems WFS Deformation, SAR interferometry, SBAS Deformation Geographical grid systems
  • Category: Geoscientific Information
  • Regions: Italy
  • Distributor:
    Frigerio L. (CNR-IREA Milano)

  • Point of contact:
    Frigerio L. (CNR-IREA Milano)

  • Metadata responsible party:
    Pepe A. (CNR-IREA Napoli)

  • Responsible party:
    Pepe A. (CNR-IREA Napoli)

  • GET-IT User: starterkit
  • Data Quality: The analysis of surface deformations in the urban area of Naples has been carried out using the full- resolution adaptation of the Small Baseline Subset (SBAS) interferometric differential synthetic aperture radar (DInSAR) technique. SAR data were acquired at C band by the ERS and ENVISAT satellite platforms of the European Space Agency. The applied technique allows performing detailed analyses in urban areas and allows detecting very spatially localized deformation signals, such as those relative to single buildings and public infrastructures, highlighting the relative displacements of coherent structures with respect to the average movement of the ground. The process involved 164SAR images, corresponding to Track 36 (descending orbits), acquired from June 1992 to September 2010, Starting from these images, 485 InSAR SB data pairs have been selected, with a maximum perpendicular baseline of 400 m. The topographical; phase components have been removed using an SRTM digital elevation model (DEM) of the area, with a resolution of about 80 x 80 mVel : Mean displacement velocity value [cm/year]Coer : Temporal coherence, which quantifies the goodness of the achieved solution. Only pixels with temporal coherence values larger than 0.7 are considered reliable and visualized.Cosn : North direction cosine Cose : East direction cosine Cosu : Up direction cosine Id : Id number Topo : height topography of the considered pixel calculated w.r.t. the reference ellipsoid.
  • Supplemental Information:

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Attribute Name Range Average Median Standard Deviation
Vel_Ts NA
Date_Ts NA
Location NA

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